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Christian Brothers Crest and Logo

Br. Rice

This crest was used by the Christian Brothers for most of the 20th Century.

Circle: This is the symbol of eternity and of the eternal values
Celtic Designs: They represent the divine, as they have no begining or end but weave and wend their way through each other like an everflowing stream.
Star: The star reminds us that those who instruct many to justice shall shine like stars for all eternity (Dan. 12 : 13). The star is a symbol of enlightenment, guidance and instruction.
Cross: The cross signifies everyday life.
Congregatio Fratrum Christianorum: "The Congregation of Christian Brothers"
Facere et Docere: The motto of the brothers "to do and to teach".
Alpha and Omega: The first and last letter of the Greek alphabet signify that Christ is first and last, the begining and the end, from whom we come and to whom we go.

The  logo was introduced in 2006. Designed for the digital age, it has replaced the crest on letteheads and in many publications and it is used on internet sites. The Brothers in many parts of the world wear the emblem in the form of a badge on their lapels or ties.

The cross is in a central position representing our daily lives as the way to union with Christ.
The circle at the centre of the cross represents the Eucharistic Christ at the centre of our lives.
The circle is broken indicating  fragility or brokeness.
The shoot represents new life coming from the cross, the resurrection.
The colours green and brown are the colours of nature.

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