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Building a hovercraft

Science Awards Activities

Making a hovercraft

1 old CD, 1 balloon, 1 pop-up top from a drink bottle, masking tape, duct tape, sellotape,


We masking tape and duct tape to stick the pop-up top of the bottle over the hole in the cd.  
We had to put a lot of tape around the bottle top to make sure it was air-tight.
We stretched the balloon over the top of the bottle top.
We blew into the hole at the bottom of the CD.
We continued blowing into the hole at the bottom of the CD until the balloon was blown up to a good size.
We closed the bottle top to stop the air escaping.
When we were ready to watch the hovercraft in motion we opened the bottle top.
The air escaping from the balloon lifts the CD and the hovercraft floats in the air as if it is flying.

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