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Chemical Energy

Science Awards Activities

Chemical Energy

Oil, water, food colouring, 2 litre plastic bottles, measuring jug, effervescent tablets

Procedure & Maths
Using a measuring jug we filled the plastic bottle with water until the bottle was full.
It took 2,000 ml to fill the bottle .Using our measuring jugs we poured out 1,500ml.So 1 quarter of the bottle was left filled with water.

We wanted to figure out again 2 thirds of the capacity of the bottle. We divided 2000 by 3. This was equal to 666ml.

We filled 2 jugs with oil up to 666ml. We poured the 2 jugs of oil into the plastic bottle. The oil and water did not mix. The water is heavier than the oil and stays at the bottom of the bottle.

The oil and water didn’t mix because they are more connected to themselves than each other.

We added a cap of red food colouring to the oil and water mixture. The food colouring did not mix with the oil but it did dissolve in the water and coloured it red.

We added the effervescent tablet to the bottle. The tablet sank to the bottom of the bottle.

The tablet reacted with the water and fizzed up causing bubbles to rise up to the top of the bottle.                                                                              

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