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Parents Association

Constitution of the Charleville CBS Primary PA

This body shall be known as the Charleville CBS Primary Parents' Association.

Membership shall be confined to Parents/Guardians of pupils attending the school.

Election of Committee members shall take place by the vote of all parents, to be held each
September/October.  The committee shall serve for 2 years before a new vote shall take place.
The association members shall be elected on an classroom basis, with 2 members from each class catered
for and they shall attend meetings regularly. The number of members may vary from time to time in order
to give adequate representation.

The association shall elect its own officers, consisting of Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer.

Association meetings shall be held regularly during the school year. The school principal is also invited to

Any two signatures from those of the chairman, secretary and treasurer shall be required to sign cheques
drawn on behalf of the association.

A meeting of all parents may be called
 ●On a majority decision of the committee
 ●At the written request of at least twenty parents.

Amendments to the constitution may be made at a meeting of parents provided they are passed by a
two-thirds majority.

The aims of the association shall include:
 ●Helping in any way it can, the pupils and staff of the school.
 ●Organising some fund raising activities.
 ●Acting as an advisory body, representing the views of parents on school policies and activities.
 ●Helping to make school life more complete by organising various activities and supervise
   extracurricular activities – e.g. sports days.
 ●The promotion of the educational and general welfare and interests of the pupils of the school.

The association shall not interfere with the professional aspects of the school administration and work.

Last Update: April/’13.

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