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Design a boat

Science Awards Activities

Design a boat

Plasticine, plastic container, peas and water

We worked in pairs in class. Each pair got two strips of play dough.
We rolled the plasticine in our hands to make it soft.
Using our hands we shaped it into a boat.
We experiemented with different shapes of boats to see which would float.
We tried to mould many shapes for the boat to make it float.
We discovered that a boat with a wide base and curved up sides was the best shape for floating.
When our boats were floating we put in the peas as our passengers.
We counted the peas as we added them to the boat.
We kept adding peas to the boat until it sank.

Counting - we counted all the peas that would fit in the boat.
Shape - we made a sphere first then we experimented with different lenghts and widths to see
which would make the best boat.
Weight - we had to judge how much weight the boat would carry.
Estimating - we estimated how many peas we thougth would fit in our boat
Data - we recorded our results using a bar graph.

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