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Electrical Circuit

Science Awards Activities

Electrical circuit

We used a battery, a bulb and connection wires.
To build the electrical circuit we used the battery as our source of power.

By building different circuits we learned that there cannot be any gaps in the circuit or the light the bulb won’t light.
We had to connect the circuit to the plus and minus side of the battery so that the circuit was complete.

We used connection wires to link up the bulb to the battery.
When the circuit circle was fully connected the bulb lit up.

We also added a spinning fan to the circuit. To have enough power to light the bulb and move the fan we had to add a second battery to the circuit.

Maths focus

Using our metre ruler we measured how long the circuit was from beginning to end.
We continued to add connection wires until the circuit measured 1 metre 95cm long.

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