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Greenwave Observations

Science Awards Activities

Greenwave - Temperature Record

We showed the daily temperatures for March and April on a trend graph.
We used a computer programme to create our graph and printed it out to display on the notice board.
Then we decided to use a bar graph to show the average temperature of each week.
Before we did this we had to find the averages.
We wrote down the temperatures for each week and added them.
We then divided our answer by five because there are five school days in each week.
We had to be careful though to divide week three by four as it was a Bank Holiday and we were
only in school for four days that week.
We used the same computer programme to create the graph.
We printed it off and coloured it.

Greenwave Signs of Spring

As part of our science awards work we needed to watch for signs of spring.
We recorded our findings on the greenwave dashboard.
During our nature walk we saw some frog spawn and also horse chestnut buds. We monitored how the horse chestnut tree buds developed during sping.
The buds were just starting to open before we went on our Easter holidays.
When we came back to school after our Easter holidays the buds were starting to flower.

See below a copy of our Greenwave Dashboard records.

Time         Date:                                         
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