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Healthy Eating

Our School

All food and drinks consumed in the school will follow the guidelines recommended in the food pyramid.

Eating times in the school have been established, food can only be eaten at these times
- Morning Break Time.
- Lunch Time.

Children who have been diagnosed with the condition diabetes may take food/drinks at any time during the school day when the necessity arises. For this purpose, food containing sugar (from the top shelf} are kept in the Principal’s office for the convenience of these children. This is organised in consultation with the parents of children with diabetes.

Suitable foods and drinks for school lunches are strongly encouraged and promoted.

1. It is recommended that 6 portions from the bottom shelf of the pyramid
are consumed daily. Among those recommended are: white/brown bread
pasta (can be taken cold in school) rice, cereal, pitta, wraps, rice cakes, crackers.
These foods give us energy.

2. It is recommended that 5 portions from the second shelf of the pyramid
are consumed daily. Among those recommended are : easy peelers,
apples, grapes, tomatoes, plums, lettuce, carrot sticks, carrot soup,
juices. These foods give us vitamins.

3. It is recommended that 3 portions from the third shelf of the pyramid are
consumed daily. Among those recommended are: yogurt, cheese , actimel, milk {soup, puddings, custard. These foods give us calcium.

4. It is recommended that 2 portions from the fourth shelf of the pyramid
are consumed daily. Among those recommended are meat, chicken,
eggs, tuna. These foods give us protein.

5. It is strongly recommended that foods from the top shelf of the pyramid
are taken sparingly or as treats, but not in school or during school related

Fizzy drinks, sport drinks, crisps and chewing gum are strictly forbidden.

Children are encouraged to drink 8 - 10 glasses of fluid per day, preferably milk, water. Diluted drinks to be taken with meals only, to avoid tooth decay.
We encourage children to bring a bottle of water to school every day to drink ------- important for well being and concentration.

Food Hygiene and Safety.

Wash hands before eating.
Wash fruit.
Place lunch box on table before eating - to ensure surface for eating from is clean.
Store lunches in a suitable place (away from radiators).
Sports bottles should be washed every night, especially the top, and replaced weekly.
All children are encouraged to bring their lunch in a lunch-box and take home everything in a box.

Waste Disposal.

Waste is separated for disposal/recycling
Papers, plastics…….paper bank.
Remains of fruit…compost heap, which is located on school grounds.
Fruit is encouraged on as many days of the week as possible but especially on Friday - "Fruity Friday".

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