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Magnetic Cars

Science Awards Activities

Magnetic Cars

Paper, sissors, crayons, paper clip, magnets, trampoline and masking/ducked tape.

We coloured and cut out a car each.
Each car was the same size and shape.
We taped a steel paper clip on the back of each car.
We used a small trampoline to make a race track.
We marked out the race track using coloured paper, and masking tap.
We used masking tape to mark the start and finish line.
We used long handle magnets to race our cars.
We put the magnets under the trampoline and raced the cars using the magnets
to push along the cars.
The force of the magnets and the paper-clips underneath the cars moved the cars.
We divided into pairs and raced each other on the race-track.

Maths Focus

We timed how long it took to complete the circuit.
We recorded and ordered the best-time results.

4 seconds
5 Seconds
7 Seconds
10 seconds
18 Seconds

Time         Date:                                         
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