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Making Butter

Science Awards Activities

Making butter

Equipment we used
2 cartons of double cream, plastic bottle, measuring jug, plastic cup, marbles

Using the measuring jug we measured our 500 ml of the double cream.
We poured the 500 ml of cream into the plastic bottle.
We put 4 marbles into the plastic bottle with the cream.
We all took turns shaking the bottle.

The cream got thicker and started to change to a yellow colour.
We put some into a cup. It looked all lumpy. It smelled like butter.
We repeated the experimented and timed how long it took for the cream to thicken.
It took 62 seconds for the cream to turn to butter.

Maths focus

We measured out 500 millilitres of milk. We wrote 500 ml as a fraction of a litre and also in a decimal format.
We timed how long it took for the creamto thicken. It took 62 seconds or one minute and 2 seconds.  
We timed how long it took the cream to thicken to butter. We recorded this in minutes and seconds.  

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