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Science Outing - Lifetime Labs

Science Awards Activities

Our Outing to Lifetime Labs

When we went to lifetime labs first we learned about the history of Lifetime Labs.
It used to be the main water supply of all of Cork city.
They got coal from the harbour of Cork city.
They used the coal to heat the water.
We also watched a video about a time when there was no water.
We all learned about the importance of water and how we use it in our everyday lives.
Now we'll think twice about leaving the tap on when we're brushing our teeth.

We also did a race to find out all the about the enviorment and water.
We had to smell the bins and tell which one was rubbish and which one was recycling.
We had to read about certain facts to find the answers to the questions.
We all learned a lot about saving energy and being good to the enviorment.
It was very a educational, intresting and fun day.

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